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Movies and videos

Creative video works in the following formats take part in the section "Cinema and Video": Internet videos, commercials, video blogs, short films and so on. Your team will be tasked with becoming a film crew and shooting a story on a given topic



1 place
250 000 tenge
2nd place
200 000 tenge
3rd place
150 000 tenge

General provisions:

  • The “Cinema and Video” section is a review of creative projects performed in various formats on topics that will be announced by the sponsors and organizers of the project at the opening of the festival.
  • The general goal of the section is to provide an opportunity for university students, schoolchildren and representatives of other youth groups to demonstrate their professional skills and creative potential in the field of video art, thereby taking part in the social, cultural and economic spheres of society.

Goals of the "Cinema and Video" section

  • Identification of the creative and professional potential of competition participants in the field of video.
  • Development of professional skills and creative abilities of participants.
  • To provide an opportunity for authors to feel their importance in solving urgent problems of modern society.

In the "Cinema and Video" section, nominations can be offered by partner companies.

Regulations of the section "Cinema and video".

  • One work cannot take more than one main nomination.
  • The preferred working time is up to 10 minutes.
  • The technical requirements for the nominations are indicated in the appendices.
  • The jury of the section "Cinema and Video", consisting of practitioners in the field of cinema, theater, television and radio broadcasting, PR and advertising, partner companies through discussions and voting, determines the winners in the nominations.
  • Works with the use of new media and digital technologies, video art, interactive technologies, multimedia, computer art, video installations, audiovisual performances, bio-art, etc. are accepted.
  • Questions to the organizers can be asked in the group Telegram

The works are evaluated according to the following criteria

  • Compliance with the declared topic
  • Technical complexity
  • Artistry
  • Relevance of the topic
  • Originality of the idea, execution and presentation
  • The presence of a clearly formulated idea
  • The effect of influence on the audience

Rights and obligations of the Organizers and participants of the section "Cinema and video".

  • Schoolchildren and students from all educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan can take part in the “Cinema and Video” section, regardless of their specialty.
  • Both individual participants and teams are allowed to participate (the maximum allowed number of participants in one team is 3).
  • The number of works provided by an individual participant or a team is not limited.
  • Participants are allowed to submit applications in more than one nomination.
  • Participants are prohibited from submitting works that previously participated in any other festival.
  • Each work must correspond to the selected category.
  • The transferred work gives the Organizers the right to use the work at their discretion within the framework of the ITFest festival.
  • The works transferred to the "Cinema and Video" section are not returned.
  • The Organizing Committee of the Cinema and Video section has the right not to allow works that do not meet ethical, moral and legal requirements to be evaluated by the jury.
  • The Organizing Committee of the Cinema and Video section reserves the right not to disclose the names of the winners until the day of the official summing up of the ITFest festival.
  • It is forbidden to send works to the section "Cinema and video", the author of which is not a participant. Only the participants' own works are allowed to work.
  • The fact of submitting works to the section "Cinema and Video" means agreement with the above rules.
  • For a music video clip, short films and animated films in the "Cinema and Video" section, it is mandatory to indicate in the credits the author of the poems, music and the name of the artist (band name) of the composition that the participant uses to create his work.

Technical requirements of the section "Cinema and video".

Technical requirements of the “Film and Video” section.
All works are accepted only on digital media (CD, DVD, Flash drives). The video must be provided to the organizing committee in two versions:

  • Digital video not compressed by video codecs (High-Quality – High quality).
  • Digital video compressed with the H.264 (MP4) video codec.
  • Video resolution should not exceed 768x576 (720p).
  • The audio of the videos must be compressed into MP3 format

Works are uploaded from 16.00 November 27 to 11.00 November 28 on the website from registered festival participants.

The file must be named with the last name of the participants, indicating the name of the team.

Get acquainted with the Regulations

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