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Information technology

Information technologies, like the section of the same name, are designed to help manage information in all its manifestations, creating infrastructure and taming its ardent temper




Everyone is interested


High school and college students


Digital University
1 place
250 000 tenge
2nd place
200 000 tenge
3rd place
150 000 tenge
Digital school
1 place
Grant of JSC MUIT for all years of study, provided that the level of academic performance is not lower than 70 points (C+) tenge
2nd place
Certificate of JSC "MUIT" for all years of study in the amount of 50% discount, provided that the level of academic performance is not lower than 70 points (C+) tenge
3rd place
Certificate of JSC "MUIT" for all years of study in the amount of 25% discount, provided that the level of academic performance is not lower than 70 points (C+) tenge

1. General situation

The regulations on holding competitions in information technologies establish the rules, procedure, conditions and terms of holding competitions in information technologies among students of schools, universities, graduates, as well as the policy of the organizer.

  1. The competition is held
  2. The organizers of the competition are JSC "International University of Information Technologies". You can contact the organizers using the messenger Telegram or by e-mail:
  3. The objectives of the competition are the development of IT in Kazakhstan. The Information Technology Section is designed to provide the participants of the event with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of information technology, as well as to demonstrate their role and importance in the modern world.
  4. Official information about the competition is provided on the website ITFEST.KZ and in the Telegram channel
  5. Dates of the competition: 11/27/23 - 11/28/23

2. Goals and objectives of the section:

To provide participants with up-to-date information about the latest trends and achievements in the field of information technology.

  1. Demonstrate practical applications of information technology in various fields, including business, medicine, education and science.
  2. To emphasize the importance of cybersecurity and ethical aspects of the use of information technology.
  3. Promote the development of data analysis and decision-making skills based on information resources.
  4. Encourage participants to develop ideas and projects that use information technology to solve real problems.

3. The order of participation in the competition

Подать заявку на участие может любой желающий Республики Казахстан

  1. Registration for the IT section is carried out from 09/18/2023 to 11/27/2023 at the following link: /
  2. The IT section will be held in an offline format
  3. The administration of the IT Section reserves the right to supplement and change these tournament rules at its discretion.
  4. Participants automatically agree with all the rules of the section.
  5. Any disputes regarding situations not specified in the rules will be resolved by the judges of the section at their discretion.
  6. Nicknames, avatars, tags and team names should be strictly within the censorship and not contain offensive, provocative words. Otherwise, measures may be applied against the participant, up to disqualification.
  7. There should be no advertising of third-party resources in the names of the participating teams.

All complaints must have an evidentiary basis. It is necessary to send a complaint against players strictly in the form:

  • The suspect's team.
  • Specifying the exact suspicious actions, describing them and providing evidence (screenshots).

4. Project evaluation criteria

1 Project idea:

  • novelty (uniqueness);
  • using open data;
  • concept
  • compliance with the key topic.

2 Quality of execution:

  • design;
  • functionality (content filling);
  • adaptability (the possibility of expanding functionality);
  • the amount of work done at the festival;
  • completeness (availability of a functioning prototype).

3 Presentation of the project:

  • availability of presentation material;
  • presentation of a functioning prototype;
  • disclosure of the essence of the project;

4 Tasks will be presented at the presentation and on the website

5. Rules of the section

Participants are prohibited from:

  • Violate etiquette and show disrespect to rivals, judges, organizers or spectators.
  • Publicly express aggression, insults, or engage in physical confrontation with other participants.
  • Interfere with the work of the judges, give comments or instructions to the judges during the competition.
  • Disturb public order, bring alcohol or drugs into the competition area.
  • Publish malicious or offensive information about the competition, participants, judges or organizers on social networks or other media.

  1. In case of violation of the prohibitions, the organizers reserve the right to disqualify the participant.
  2. During the competition, participants must inform the organizers about possible technical problems and/or other errors in the tasks. After the end of the competition, appeals are not accepted.

Organization of competitions

  • The jury's decision on any situation, including those described in these Rules, is final and not subject to discussion.
  • The organizer of the competition has the right to unilaterally amend these Rules. The participants' message is not required.
  • The Organizer reserves the right not to enter into written negotiations or other contacts with the participants, except in the cases specified in these Rules.
  • Communication with the tournament judges is carried out through the methods specified in the general provisions.

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